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Sign-ups for Zeteo are open! See below.



                 JAN 7                          SPYF MEETINGS & SUNDAY SCHOOL BEGIN
                 JAN 14                        MOUNTAIN T.O.P. MOVIE NIGHT @ SPYF
                 JAN 28                       CONFIRMATION ORIENTATION @ SPYF
                 FEB 1-4                      CREATED BY GOD EVENT (gr. 5-7)
                 FEB 2-4                     SALT 'N LIGHT ZETEO CONFERENCE (gr. 7-12)
                 MAR 11                       SPYF EVENT: MESSY GAME NIGHT
                 MAR 16-17                CONFIRMATION RETREAT #1
                 MAR 22                     MOUNTAIN T.O.P. FULL TEAM MEETING
                 APR 6-7                    CONFIRMATION RETREAT #2
                 APR 27-28               SPYF EVENT: 30 HOUR FAMINE
                 MAY 11-12                 CONFIRMATION TRIP/RETREAT #3
                 MAY 20                    CONFIRMATION SUNDAY
                 MAY 24                     MOUNTAIN T.O.P. FULL TEAM MEETING
                 JUNE 3                      FINAL SPYF MEETINGS FOR SPRING
                 JUNE 23-JULY1       MOUNTAIN T.O.P. MISSION TRIP


            CONFIRMATION CLASS 2018
                   In St. Paul’s confirmation program, we intentionally unplug and get away from the hustle of our daily lives so that we can:
Get to know one another.
Seek God together and alone.
Gain a deeper understanding of Christianity, and also of United Methodist history.
Explore how our faith relates to and interacts with the world in this time and place.
Discuss all kinds of questions about faith and life together.
Make a commitment, again or for the first time, to live as followers of Jesus.

                   2018 Confirmation Class Dates (also listed in the SPYF Calendar above):
                             JAN 28:         Orientation @ SPYF
                             MAR 16-17:  Retreat #1 @ Wesley Forest Camp
                             APR 6-7:      Retreat #2 @ Wesley Forest Camp
                             MAY 11-12:   Class Trip/Retreat #3 @ Wesley Forest Camp
                             MAY 20:       Confirmation Sunday

                       CONFIRMATION SIGN-UP

            ZETEO 2018: February 2-4, 2018
                  A weekend conference full of worship, teaching, dramas, dance, seminars, and more with Salt 'n Light Youth Ministry at Blair County Convention Center.

                  Cost: $90 before January 1, $115 thereafter.

                                 ZETEO SIGN-UP

            *As always, scholarships are available to families for whom the cost of the weekend would be prohibitive. 
            *SPYF Multi-Kid Discount Policy: Families sending three or more kids to retreats will pay fees for two of them, regardless of the total number of kids. Scholarship policy applies.


           MOUNTAIN TOP 2018: June 23-July 1, 2018
                 If you are at all interested participating in the upcoming Mountain TOP mission trip as a student or an adult, please fill out this quick interest sign-up now! This will help greatly as we get organized and prepared to serve alongside youth groups from all over the country at Mountain TOP.
                 Also, we hope to see you at Mountain TOP Movie Night during SPYF on January 14!

                         MOUNTAIN TOP INTEREST SIGN-UP


            Sunday evening SPYF meetings will begin for the spring on January 7. Meeting on the 3rd floor of the Education Center, SPYF begins with dinner each week at 5:30, followed by a lesson, discussion, and game time, which wraps up at 8pm. All in grades 6-12 are welcome!

            Would you be willing and able to provide dinner for SPYF on one Sunday evening this spring? A couple of important points for our SPYF Hosts:
                              * Please keep all food free of nuts because of severe allergies in our group.
                              * Please provide a meatless option for those who wish to eat a vegetarian diet.
                              * Please plan to serve dinner around 5:45PM.
                              * Please prepare to be appreciated in a big way by our SPYF students and leaders.

Sign up here to be a SPYF Host!

            SPYF Sunday School meets at 9:15 on Sunday mornings on the 3rd floor of the Education Center. This class provides another study opportunity for SPYF students. Led by a team of volunteers from St. Paul’s, the Sunday school class also provides an opportunity for St. Paul’s youth to build deeper relationships with other generations from the St. Paul’s & Wesley Foundation family. All students in grades 6-12 are welcome!

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