Small Group Types

Interested in joining a specific type of small group? Browse through the list below and click on the group type to see all the groups for that type.

New Group(s) Starting >>

These are groups that are just getting underway. So check them out and see if any are of interest to you and can fit your schedule. You can simply join the group or contact the group leader for more information.

Spiritual Formation >>

These groups are primarily focused on Biblical study of either a book or topic in the Bible. Other books may be used to study a Biblical topic. Groups have open discussion led by a group leader. The groups also have time of fellowship, worship, and prayer when they get together. They meet at a variety of places and times. The purpose of the groups are transformation, helping you grow in your faith in Jesus Christ.

Adult Christian Education >>

These groups are similar to a Spiritual Formation Group (see above) but are primarily informational based. The information is presented by a knowledgeable leader. Less time is dedicated to worship, prayer, and fellowship during the meeting time.

Support and Recovery >>

Grief support is provided in a small group context for those who have lost loved ones. Some social opportunities are provided, as well as resources for dealing with the special challenges of bereavement.

Disciple Class >>

These are indepth Bible study classes that have daily exercises and weekly 2½-hour gatherings. The basic 34-week course (DISCIPLE I) is an introduction to the entire Bible in a small group setting. DISCIPLE II (32 weeks), DISCIPLE III (32 weeks), DISCIPLE IV (32 weeks), CHRISTIAN BELIEVER (30 weeks), and JESUS IN THE GOSPELS (30 weeks) are also offered.

Ministry Team >>

A ministry team serves the church in a specific area of need (e.g., the library, sending cards to people in need, etc.).

Missions Team >>

A mission team serves needs that are outside the walls of St. Paul’s Church (local, regional, national, and international communities).

Special Interest >>

A special interest group is a group of people that have a common interest and choose to meet together to pursue that interest (e.g., knitting, photography, sports).

Alpha Course >>

Alpha is an 11-week course that provides spiritual growth and new understanding to mature Christians and seekers alike. Alpha provides a forum for discussion of life’s most important questions. Those who have participated in the Alpha Course meet together to continue their faith journey.

Prayer Group >>

A group of people that meets regularly to pray for the needs of people, church, community, and the world.

Event Registration >>

These are events that are very short in duration, from a few hours to a few days. People can easily register for the event listed.