Church Leaders

Church Council

Dave Flick and Jeff Helffrich, Co-Chairs

Jane Harris, Secretary

Standing Committees

Board of Trustees

Steven Morgan, Chair

Nominations and Leadership

Pastor Greg Milinovich, Chair

Staff-Parish Relations

Amy Marshall, Chair

Lay Members to Annual Conference

Jean Chirpas, Susan Johnson, and Phil Mohr


Kelly Uchneat, Chair

Lay Leaders

Heidi Knutelsky, Jim Korner, Darrin Thornton, and John Young

Program Area Teams and Committees

Archives and History

Lou Geschwindner, Chair

Christian Education and Nurture

Children’s Ministry Representative: Wendy Davidson

Youth Ministry Roundtable Coordinator: OPEN

Adult Christian Education/Small Group Ministry: Debbie Harwell

Young Family Ministry Coordinator: Dave Fisher

Christcare Coordinators: Jean Chirpas and Shirley Wormley

Library Coordinator: OPEN

Boy Scout Representative: Joe Davidson


Chair: OPEN

Congregational-Based Health Ministries

Shannon McChesney-Brungart, Coordinator

Parish Nurse: Shannon McChesney-Brungart

Going On After Loss Support (G.O.A.L.S.) Co-Chairs: Joanna Bell and Janet Mitchell

Life After Loss (L.A.L.) Co-Chairs: Karen Eklund and Janet Mitchell

Hospital Visitation Coordinator: John Ake

Home Visitation Coordinator: Shannon McChesney-Brungart

Home Communion Coordinator: Renae Schunk

Stephens Ministry Leaders: Connie Cousins, Paula Farabaugh, Renae Schunk, and Donna Snyder

Prayer Ministry Coordinator: OPEN


Cards for Christ Coordinators: Cindy Alley and Kristin Marsh

Coffee Fellowship Coordinators: Evelyn and Jim Wagner

Food/Meals Coordinator: Louise Albert

Greeters Coordinators: Sharon and Jim Martin

Volunteer Event Coordinator: Karen Morgan

Welcome Tables Coordinator: Grace Mulligan-Kurtz

Membership Cultivation and Deployment

Spiritual Gifts Team and Coaches Coordinator: Nancy Weaver

Bread of Life Coordinator: Julia Erdley

Mission and Pursuit of Justice

Paul Steindorf, Coordinator

Older Adult Ministry

Sue Mascolo, Coordinator

Safe Sanctuary

Dave Flick, Administrator

United Methodist Women

Suzy Lutz and Virginia Flick, Co-Presidents

Worship, Preaching, and the Arts

Music Coordinators: Russell Bloom and Mary Bahnfleth

Wellspring Praise and Worship Team Leader: Steve Linnes

Lay Readers Coordinator: Dave Flick, Coordinator

Acolytes Coordinator: Katie Brumberg

Communion Stewards Coordinator: Renae Schunk

Attendance Sheets Coordinator: Ethel Leach

Flower Coordinators: Barb Taylor and Dottie Sandusky (altar) and Shawn Quinn (church grounds)

Media Team Coordinators: Carl Pillar and Jason Lukehart

Divine Inspirations (Worship and the Arts) Chair: Kristin Marsh

Relevétions (Liturgical Dancers) Director: Heather Sustersic